Thank you for your interest in TheMeetingHouse.

The Meetinghouse Inc is a non-profit corporation registered with the Secretary of State in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our Kentucky corporate registration number is 0493174. Our corporate officers are Dwight A. Moody (Greenville SC), Vice-President; Ernest Brooks (Washington DC), secretary; U. S. Thompson (Greenville SC).

The Meetinghouse is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and has received a letter of tax exemption, which you can review here.  Your donations to our work are, therefore, tax deductible.

How to Support The Meetinghouse:

  1. You may send donations to: The Meetinghouse, 2413 Yuma Court, Lexington KY 40503. You will receive after the end of the calendar year a statement from us of your contributions.
  2. You may give through this secure website. Click HERE

Thank you for your support.

The first 70 donors to TheMeetingHouse, regardless of amount, will be received into the CIRCLE OF SEVENTY.  Seventy was chosen to commemorate Dr. Moody’s age when he re-launched the radio program in Brunswick, Georgia, in March of 2020. (He had previously hosted the show while dean of the chapel at Georgetown College.) Our current CIRCLE OF SEVENTY  members. (Already, there are 39 people or couples who have given!)