The Completion of C. S. Lewis

The Completion of C. S, Lewis From War to Joy (1945-1963) By Harry Lee Poe A Review by Dwight A. Moody   I never tire of reading of the life and work of Clive Stapes Lewis. This is because, partly, he had such a significant impact on my life as a person, a student, a believer, and a writer. Many people share this testimony with me. I never tire, also, because his life is full of surprises, as he himself declared with the title of his autobiography, Surprised by Joy. A disproportionate number of these surprises occur in the final third of his life, that period covered in volume three of Dr. Poe’s comprehensive biography of the great Oxford scholar and author. Volume one traced ...

March 21st, 2023|Categories: Book Reviews|

Reading While Black

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African American Biblical Interpretation As An Exercise in Hope By Esau McCaulley   I have ...

The Holy Spirit

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Hand-Raisers, Han, and The Holy Ghost By Grace Ji-Sun Kim   A Review by Dwight ...

Silencing White Noise

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Silencing White Noise: Six Practices to Overcome Our Inaction on Race By Willie Dwayne Francois ...

Blood Stained Pews

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Blood Stained Pews: How Vulnerability Transforms a Broken Church into a Church for the Broken ...