The Tangle Tour ’23

This fall, Dr. Dwight A. Moody (principal and host of TheMeetingHouse) traveled to seven cities to meet with fans of TheMeetingHouse newsletter and broadcast. The Tour is an initiative of MH Media of St. Simons Island, Georgia, in cooperation with The Meetinghouse, Inc of Kentucky.

Those cities are Greenville, South Carolina; Raleigh and Hendersonville in North Carolina; Louisville, Campbellsville, and Owensboro in Kentucky; and Nashville in Tennessee.

Hendersonville NC: Tour Prelude, September 22, 7-8 pm at The Buzz Hendo, a John Prine Sing-a-Long concert featuring Dr. Gary Furr, the self-described “Flatpicking Pilgrim’s Progress” (Birmingham).

Greenville, SC September 25, Episode One of The Tangle Tour featuring an interview with Dr. Aaron Simmons of Furman University, drawn from his just-pupblished book, Camping with Kierkegaard.

Video of Kate Bringardner, introducing the Tangle Tour. 3 minutes
Video of Dr. Aaron Simmons, about his book “Camping with Kierkegaard.” 26 minutes
Video of Ike Moody speaking about his art, 16 minutes

Campbellsville KY, October 2, 12:30 pm. Episode Two of the Tour at the President’s Dining Hall of Campbellsville University. It will feature the art of Ike Moody, with music by Jamie Lawrence, and interview guest Jeremy Strand.

Video of Jeremy Strand, discussing the visions that shaped his life
Video of Ike Moody,
illustrating his life journey with art

Owensboro, KY, October 3, 6:30 PM CST. Episode Three of the Tour at the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum, featuring the music of Joe Bob Pierce and the Blue Diamond Bluegrass Band, the art of Ike Moody, and an interview with Rev. Rhondalyn Randolph.

Video of Rev. Rhandalyn Randolph talking about the College of Preachers, Confederate statues, and female preachers
Video of Ike Moody illustrating his life journey with original art

Louisville, KY, October 5, 7:00 PM EST. Episode Four of The Tangle Tour at Earth and Spirit Center (1924 Newburg Road), 7 pm EST, featuring the art of Ike Moody, the music of Darrell Adams, with interview guest Dr. Jemar Tisby (drawn from his book The Color of Compromise).

Video of Dr. Jemar Tisby, discussing his book, The Color of Compromise
Video of Ike Moody, talking about his best friend, Woodstock

Raleigh NC, October 19, 6:30 pm EST. Episode five of The Tangle Tour at the UNC State University Center, featuring the art of Ike Moody, the music of Curtis Freeman and band, and a conversation with Muslim immigration and civil rights lawyer Nigel Edwards.

Video of Nigel Edwards 
Video of Ike Moody 

Nashville TN, October 25, 6:00 CST. Episode six of The Tangle Tour, at Immanuel Baptist Church (222 Belle Meade Blvd), featuring the band Brassfield, the art of Ike Moody, and an interview guest, public defender Georgia Sims.

Video of Georgia Sims
Video of Ike Moody

Hendersonville NC, November 1, 2023, 7:00 – 8:30 pm Episode seven of The Tangle Tour, at The Buzz Hendo.  Featuring an interview with Cantor/Rabbi Ted Labow, art by Ike Moody, and music by Jeannette Queen.  All hosted by Dwight A Moody.

Video of Ted Labow
Video of Ike Moody

Each stop on The Tangle Tour ’23 will include a brief presentation of TheMeetingHouse, and video recorded interviews featuring regional persons of note as well as self-taught artist Ike Moody. These recorded conversations will be edited and published through the MH distribution platforms. There will also be some music (John Prine, of course!) and a merchandise table (books, posters, art, and Tour memorabilia).

Wish to be a sponsor of this tour? Go to the SUPPORT page of this website to make your contribution. We need your help.

Use the website response form below for comments, questions, or suggestions.

Already, The Tangle Tour of ’24 is in the planning stages. Help me decide: Should I take the northern swing (Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, Springfield, and St. Louis. Or should I plan a southern swing (St. Simons Island, Savanah, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans)?

(The MH conference has been postponed until 2024.)

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