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Living with Hope: Navigating Political Division, Global Pandemic, and Personal Problems

Twenty-five chapters of devotional and inspirational reading based upon the beautiful letter of the Apostle Paul to the first-century church in Philippi. With chapter titles like What Really Matters, Questions of the Soul, and Shinning Like the Sun, you will be motivated to live for Christ and serve the common good.

A unique feature of this exposition of the Christian life is the focus on eight sayings of Paul that, together, constitute his testimony:

I Never Get Tired
I Consider It Trash
I Want to Know Christ
I Press On
I Love You
I Praise the Lord
I Can Do All Things
I Have All I Need

Filled with references to life, both public and private, this description of Christian living will connect with your our living in so many ways. You will want to give this book as a gift to those you love.

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Published On: September 25th, 2023 / Categories: Book Reviews, Commentary /

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