Not many Americans know much about the oldest tradition in Christianity, namely, Orthodoxy. I have not been able to locate a single Orthodox web site that offers the kind of News that is common with other religious sites linked to this MH website (such as Religion News or Jewish News).  I have gathered here a collection of web sites managed by persons in the Orthodox tradition. Each has its strengths and weakness, some of which I have noted with the web link below. As always, I am eager to improve this page; I welcome your feedback; please use the response form at the bottom of the main pages of the web site.


Public Orthodoxy:  run by scholars at Fordham University
Orthodoxy in Dialogue:  run by graduate students in Toronto
Orthodox Christianity and the World: run by the Russian Orthodox Church
Ancient Faith Ministries: run by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Orthodox Church in America: several of whose leaders are friends of mine
Orthodox Christian Information Center: managed by Patrick Barnes, a convert from Protestantism
Orthodox Network: a “witness of the Orthodox Christian Moral Tradition”
Preachers Institute: a site on Orthodox run by a friend of mine, Fr. John Peck


Dwight A. Moody
Creator and Host
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June 2018