A national ad campaign launched earlier this year by Lerma, a cross-cultural advertising agency based in Dallas, will ramp up its distribution as the country moves toward the 2023 Super Bowl. Known as the “He Gets Us” campaign, the effort has created short videos about Jesus as a rebel, an activist, and the host of a dinner party; they have been viewed on-line more than 300 million times. The ad effort is funded by the Signatry, a Christian foundation based in Kansas. Jon Lee is a chief architect of the effort and said organizers want to start a movement of people who want to tell a better story about Jesus and actually act like Jesus!

New York
A 37-year-old Episcopal priest won four straight games on the long-running and popular TV game show Jeopardy. Rev. David Sibley is rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walla Walla, Washington. “It was fun, and that was all I wanted to begin with,” he said after his victory. Sibley walked away with $79,098 after his stint on the show, filmed in August and aired September 26-30. Sibley earned two college degrees in chemistry before entering the priesthood, and this background prepared him for the questions in such categories as “Non-Nye Science Guys.”  Following the broadcasts, Sibley tweeted his support of LGBTQ people as well as his intention to give 10% of the winnings to his church!

Three Jewish women filed suit in Jefferson Circuit Court claiming new laws in Kentucky restricting abortion violate their religious beliefs and practices. This is the third such lawsuit nationwide, others being in Florida and Indiana. Under current Kentucky law, human life is said to begin at fertilization. Judaism denies this claim, allows abortion, and in some cases even requires abortion. Abortion is on the ballot this fall in Kentucky; voters will approve or reject an amendment to the state constitution forbidding abortion. The three plaintiffs are engaged in infertility treatments involving embryos, the handling of which can trigger the new prohibitions embedded in the new anti-abortion laws. Their case is, therefore, about women who want to give birth rather than who want to abort, an interesting twist in the current debate about abortion.

New York
“60 Minutes” is the longest running television show and this past Sunday they advertised a segment on “Christian Nationalism.” It turned out to be an interview with the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention. His name is Bart Barber, and he is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Farmersville, a small town just northeast of Dallas. Questioned by Anderson Cooper, Barber affirmed the legitimate election of President Joe Biden. But he stated his support for an absolute ban on abortion with no exceptions; and he asserted upon questioning by the publicly gay host that marriage is restricted to a man and a woman and a person affirming or practicing gay life cannot be a good Christian.

Hurricane Mill, Tennessee
Noted country and gospel singer Loretta Lynn has died. Raised in poverty in the coal-mining community of Butcher Holler, Kentucky, Loretta rose to fame and influence writing and singing about the struggles of life. She grew up singing gospel in church and later in life returned to those roots, often distributing daily portions of scripture to her many fans. In case you are wondering, Butcher Holler, as she pronounced it, is halfway between Paintsville and Prestonsburg and features the tiny community of Van Lear. Her 1976 biography describes her baptism in 1974 at the age of 42. Her daughter witnessed Loretta’s death bed anticipation of reunion with her husband Oliver Lynn, who died in 1996. “I am ready to go to heaven,” Loretta said from her ranch in Hurricane Mill, Tennessee, just west of Nashville.

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