Religion and the new Congress makes for an interesting story. Of the 534 senators and representatives in both houses, 3o3 self-report as Christian, 33 as Jewish, and 12 as some other religious or quasi-religious identity, with 20 failing to designate any religious identity. Among Christians, Roman Catholics count 148 persons, Baptists number 67, Pentecostals claim only two, but a whopping 107 register only as “unspecified Protestant.”

Los Angeles
Jack Hayford has died at age 88. He is the best known pastor in the Four Square Church which originated 101 years ago with the founding of Angelus Temple by Aimee Semple McPherson. Hayford was a noted radio and television preachers, author, and pastor for 30 years of 12,000 member Church on the Way is Nab Nuys, California.  Hayford is best known as author and composer of the popular contemporary praise song “Majesty.”

Fort Wayne
The foundation associated with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company initiated an annual program of grants to innovated church programs. In 2022, the winners were Mosaic After-School Program of Mosaic Community Church of Jeannette PA ($50,000), Momentum Marketplace of Grace Church, Akron OH ($25,000), Portable Shower Facility of Church at the Park, Salem OR ($50,000), and DUO Mobile Mission of Live Life Church, Cookeville TN (25,000).

The song “Amazing Grace” is celebrating 250 years this month—the lyrics, not the various tunes that have been used over the centuries. The author was Church of England minister and poet John Newton who conversion during a sea storm while transporting slaves to the New World is well known. He wrote the lyrics to accompany a sermon on New Years Day, 1773.  These words, six verses, have been sung to more than 20 different tunes.

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