North Carolina pastor and social activists William Barber announced as the director of the new Center for Public Theology and Public Policy at Yale Divinity School. Barber rose to fame as leader of the Poor People’s Campaign and its Moral Mondays.  He has been pastor of the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina, for 30 years. The new center will, among other things, develop partnerships with historically black colleges and universities. 

Professional footballers are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the greatest catch in NFL history, by Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers (who died this week), known as the Immaculate Reception. The year was 1972 and the Steelers were playing the Oakland Raiders in a playoff game.  Terry Bradshaw threw a pass on what was the last play of the game. The ball bounced off a defender right into the hands of the rookie running back, who raced to the end on  for the winning touchdown.  It was Pittsburgh’s first playoff win and launched their successful decade of play during which they won four Super Bowls.  

Jews throughout the world launch the eight day Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah, featuring the nine-candle menorah. The religious holiday commemorates a miracle of survival symbolized by the burning of oil-fed candles during Jewish efforts to push Greek soldiers and authorities out of their land in 166 BCE. Jewish people are encouraged to display lit menorahs to signify their faith. This year, the eight-day holiday runs from December 18 to December 25. 

Hundreds of American faith leaders mostly American have signed a petition calling for a ceasefire in the Ukrainian war. This call parallels appeals made throughout the year by Orthodox clergy around the world and also by European religious leaders.  This call do uses on the date of Orthodox Christmas, January 7.  Signers include Jim Wallis, Jesse Jackson, and William Barber. 

Famous and influential Christian singer Amy Grant and her husband Vince Gill announced they will host at their farm in Tennessee the wedding ceremony of her gay niece. Long known as the Queen of Contemporary Christian music, Grant was recently included in the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors.  News reports of the wedding have not included the name of the niece or her fiancé.  Evangelical leaders have publicly condemned the singer while the LGBTQ community, long supportive of Grant, have praised the performer. 

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